Sweet Sixteen Party

A sweet sixteen party is an important occasion for young girls. The event is a celebration of a child maturing into adulthood. Any coming-of-age affair should be planned carefully, and there are certain factors to consider in order to make it a happy, memorable day. Whether it is conventional and simple or modern and elaborate, planning a sweet sixteen party can be fun and exciting for parents and daughters.

Before planning the big event, it is a good idea to decide on a theme. Many girls choose themes that reflect current movie or music trends, while others opt for traditional celebrations. Ideas can range from a princess theme to a Roaring Twenties party. Themed events may be simple or lavish depending on the girl’s personal tastes. Decorations, food, music, costumes and activities can all be geared toward the theme.

Once the tone of the festivities is determined, it is time to choose a venue. The location of the party can distinguish one party from all the others. Banquet halls and ballrooms are common choices; however, some girls are opting for out-of-the-ordinary locales. Large warehouses are one choice for extravagant gatherings, while smaller parties can take place at parks, beaches or backyards.

An essential element to any sweet sixteen party is the dress. Sweet sixteen dresses come in an ample assortment of styles and colors. Wearing the right dress can make the honored guest stand out. The dress can be ornate or modest, depending on the girl’s taste. If a themed event is chosen, the dress can reflect the tone of the occasion as well. No matter what type of outfit is worn, it should make a memorable statement.

Sweet Sixteen DJ

Sweet Sixteen DJWhen planning a sweet sixteen party, it is important to pick a proper date and time. Asking potential guests if a certain date is available will relieve a lot of stress. Once a guest list and date are verified, the menu and entertainment can be established. The menu can range from a simple buffet to a fully-catered event. When it comes to entertainment, most girls prefer hiring a Sweet Sixteen DJ rather than having a full band.

For many young ladies, a sweet sixteen birthday bash is as significant as her wedding day. It marks her transition into womanhood. Whether the event is formal or casual, it is important to plan a celebration that represents the teenager and her unique personality. Planning a sweet sixteen party may take some effort, but when it is done properly, it will be a special day that is fondly remembered forever.

Spots for a Sweet Sixteen Party

At this age, it calls for any birthday celebration and it can be mostly associated using the girl child. This celebration is climaxed with the lighting of 16 candles that have specific meaning. The very first candle is said to be of the girl’s parents while the second a single is meant for that siblings but in case you can get no siblings, then this candle might be used to represent grandparents. The 3rd, 4th, 5thand 6th candles are for the remaining rest of family even while candles 7 to 14 are for good friends. Candle 15 is meant for that most effective friend although candle 16 is for any considerable male.

When planning for any sweet sixteen get together, look into loading finger food which include chips, cheese cubes, pizza wedges among other people. This bash ought to also not miss grilled hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs. The meat really should be marinated overnight in a barbecue sauce for additional flavor. Have a variety of kinds of soda stocked so as to please your guests’ taste buds and above all; do not forget the cake.

A different important thing to look at when planning a sweet sixteen occasion could be the venue. There are actually many areas in which you possibly can hold this memorable occasion in your child’s life. You’re able to come to a decision to bash at property. This happens particularly whenever you possess a modest spending budget with massive dreams. Help her choose the theme from the get together for instance 80’s dance celebration, Hollywood, MTV among other people. This type of venue can also be excellent for kids who prefer a casual or laid-back occasion.

Yet another amazing place which will give good results marvelously for your daughter’s 16th birthday is really a restraint. You are able to decide to treat her to a fancy dinner with her closest close friends. All you have to do would be to ask the girl to put on a formal evening wear. If your budget permits, a drive inside a limo will give good results out wonders.

In a situation where your daughter wants to possess a distinctive dance style, and then a skating rink could be the ideal place. You possibly can rent a local rink for like three to four hours and ensure that you seek the services of a Sweet Sixteen DJ. Give the man on the decks a music list in advance, sit back and watch the girls skate, and dance the night away.

In conclusion, a church celebration can also be awesome. Some churches offer fellowship halls for this kind of functions. This will get the job done out well for kids who are mainly involved in youth activities or they invest most of their time with mates that they met in church.


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