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When it comes to lifetime events, outstanding sourcing of components is important. Everything in those events will be memorable for life. Fun and entertainment type of events are the most crucial as you must maintain the hype all through. Event organization involves integration to bring in the mood of the occasion and this is the case for weddings. Music is part of a wedding’s schedule and sets the love mood in addition to keeping the audience entertained.  Las Vegas Wedding DJ prices that we offer are also competitive.

The Role Of A Las Vegas Wedding DJ

Before sourcing for a DJ company for your wedding, it is of value to appreciate the role the DJ plays. Most companies provide the services as a whole package, including accessories. However, the specific DJ should set the mood too. Weddings encompass all ages and types of people and it is his responsibility to keep them entertained.

In addition to the audience and recent trends, weddings have customs that guard their eligibility. Even with the playlist already set, the DJ should have good experience on when to play what and for what purpose. This being an event, the different functions within should get a completion mood from the background music and the lighting alternations.

Types of DJs Available

Companies host a variety of DJs to choose from and differ in their price and style of music play. They include:

Karaoke- Already set playlist for the event

Celebrity-Expensive services but adds style to the wedding

Club DJ- Club Style mood of songs

Professional Wedding DJ- Wedding traditions at their best

Musical Bands with a DJ- Live Performances depending on requirements

Services from DJ Wedding Company

With the different types of weddings, they have different settings and requirements. This being a lifetime occurrence, most couples prefer whole customization. Before reaching out to the specifics, a DJ company should provide the following basics:

The Public Address System

Las Vegas Wedding DJEvery company has a sound system, although the components may vary. The prices depend on the quality of devices and the ranges that you require. Generally, they should include a microphone, speakers, amplifiers and their accessories. The factors that influence the choice are the following:

Budget ranges- There are standard types and the premium ones that differ in quality of sound.

Venue Audibility- The size of the venue and audience affect the choice, in a direct proportion.

Style and Class- With the variety of sound system Brands, couples can decide to make a customized choice of the Public address system.

MC and Event DJ

For an effective operation of the sound system, an expert from the company suits the task. The coordination between the Master of Ceremony and the playlist brings order into the event. Sometimes, the DJ plays both roles especially in the reception area, where music is the main entertainment. All the songs should relate to the exact activity, such as dances, cake cutting among others.

In case the same company hosts the dinner party, the playlists are mainly by the Las Vegas Wedding DJ and he or she should make the wedding climax worth the memories. For couples on a budget, incorporation of a DJ suppresses the need to have an expensive musician on stage. In addition, it is possible to change the mood if necessary, by altering the genres.

Lighting Services

Lighting plays a role in a wedding, especially the intensity and the color options. The lighting should be adequate to set the mood and allow clear photography and video shooting. These services are especially important during the evening events, unless the daytime venue requires lighting. Choose color combinations that match your dress code and is bright enough for your photographer.

The charges of the lighting system differ with the quality of light they provide. Programmed lightings are also available that boost the normal effects lights. Customization of the couples’s names in the gobo projections is also possible. When sourcing for these additions, you will find that these options enhance the overall vibe of the event.

Other Services Available

In addition to the above basic services, you can add the following, although at a cost:

Portable Dance Floor- Types include wooden types and programmed types.

Uplighters necessary to create a customizable environment depending on the type of wedding

Confetti accessories- For psyching up the dance floor

Photograph and Video shooting Back drops

Dinner party flip shoes for women

Concert components such as Smoke and Haze

Recommended musical bands and musicians from the company

We have competitive  Las Vegas Wedding DJ prices, and you will find that the professionalism you get from Signature Events LV is unmatched.


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